Iden Ford is based in Toronto, specializing in stills and promotional gallery photography for the film and television industry as well as portrait photography & dance photography.
He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild of North America Local 667 (I.A.T.S.E 667). A Canadian citizen, Iden was born in NYC and grew up in the world of art, theatre, film and television.

His work has been featured in promotional artwork and advertisements plus feature reviews for Bell Media, Rogers TV, CBC television, Entertainment weekly, The Washington Post, The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Toronto Globe and Mail, Dance Ontario, Photoshop User Magazine, Lightroom Magazine, to name a few. He is married to the author Maureen Jennings who created The Murdoch Mysteries novels which spawned the hit CBC television series, and lives in Toronto with his wife and two dogs, Murdoch and Varley.

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To contact Iden:

email . iden@idenfordphotography.com
phone . 416 710 7523

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